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October 20th 2018


Milk left a little too long in the back of the fridge may not be good to drink, but don’t call it spoiled. We know that with age comes flavor, with pungency comes potential, and that sour milk is just a batch of pancakes waiting to happen.

We also believe empty spaces, overgrown with weeds and collecting dust, are opportunities for transformation.


Some artists in the exhibition recycle objects culled from their personal domestic spaces; others create paintings, installations and performances that reference family histories; and videos that convey what life can be like when living in unfamiliar territory.

We see the latent potential in this vacant home. The house’s original purpose, to provide comfort and shelter for human inhabitants, has been subverted by its abandonment.

So in October, 2018 a group of artists will come together to complete an immersive renovation. The artists will breathe new life into the walls of this house, transforming it with their distinctive visions.

Image by Martin Kruck

Image by Martin Kruck

sourMILK is teaming up with Longo Realty to produce this cultural event, which combines visual art, music, local cuisine, and real estate.

Please join us on October 20th to witness the complete transformation.


Contact: Ben Quesnel and Christine Stiver at